Jio Bans P*rn! This Is How Singles Reacted!

On October 25 no one knew what was happening. The majority of the prnographic sites were blocked unexpectedly. Afterward, everybody understood that, the majority of the prnographic sites can’t be accessed through Jio network. To start with few Reddit users saw the same, and later they carried it into the limelight.

Actually, the fact is, based on the guidance of Ministry Of Electronics and IT, DOT (Department Of Telecom) has requested the network providers to boycott such sites, or else their permit will be dropped.

The news have officially set social media ablaze, and here are couple of responses from singles that will make you go ROFL!!!

1. After p*rn ban in India;

Peoples be like :

2. UC Browser

3. After p*rn ban in India, Jio users be like;

4. After p*rn ban in India, Airtel/Idea users be like;

5. Desperate youngsters to Mr. Ambani..

6. Me to My Classmate Who has 500GB collection of Study Material ­

7. After affects of p*rn ban in India

8. P*rn sites Nowadays be like;

9. Some important news reveled regarding p*rn ban via Jio.

10. What government thinks Before and After p*rn ban.

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