Black Panther’s Armour Vs Karna’s Armour!

Not long ago, Marvel came out with the Black Panther movie most MCU fans were waiting for in bated breath, in which T’Challa’s claim to the throne is challenged by his estranged cousin. Although the movie received multiple mixed reviews, the one thing every viewer would agree upon is the magnificence of T’Challa’s intricately designed suit.

Constructed from vibranium, the strongest metal in the MCU, the Black Panther’s suit could withstand any attack by absorbing kinetic energy into the suit. T’Challa’s initial self-designed suit was suited only for absorption, but with an upgrade from his sister, Shuri, the new Black Panther suit was able to absorb and release the stored kinetic energy at will, which made T’Challa practically invulnerable and immune to any bodily harm.

The Black Panther’s almost impenetrable suit brings forth to mind a character from the Hindu mythology, Karna. The result of a boon granted to Kunti by the sun god, Surya, Karna was born out of wedlock, supposedly with body armour (Kavach) and earrings (Kundalas). Karna’s armour was said to be indestructible, and protected him from harm in the fiercest of battles, until he was cursed to lose when he most needed a win. Being an excessive giver by nature, Karna yielded the armour to the enemy when asked for it, and was later killed in his vulnerability. However, his death did not signify a flaw in his armour, but rather in his philanthropic ways. His armour remained imperishable, and still brings forth a sense of wonder from his many devout believers. Even though Karna’s humanitarian deeds are remembered and spoken about more than his armour, the latter did not fail to create a huge impact on mythological history, and sway the outcome of numerous battles.

One might wonder whose armour would hold out in a fight-the Black Panther’s, or Karna’s. With both of them wielding impenetrable defences, the former being the kind, fierce king of a nation hidden in plain sight, and the latter being a generous soldier, the outcome of this battle would most certainly depend on their wills as much as their armour. Would T’challa pick a fight with an unknown entity that holds no threat to his people? Would Karna willingly give up his armour (again) if he was asked for it?

Another factor that could influence this particular battle would be the modernity of T’challa’s suit over Karna’s out-dated armour. Then again, would the son of a god not triumph over a mere mortal? In the end, would it matter who wielded which armour, or how they wielded it, as long as they remained fierce in their belief of the greater good? For is it not their compassion and benevolence that make our fictional hero and mythological demigod so endearing?

Additionally, even though the Black Panther has an entire nation guarding his back, there are a hundred more worshippers of Karna who would not forsake him, although neither of them face a lack of fierce devoutness to their cause. Moreover, having someone like Shuri on your side is a sure path to uncontested victory. As interesting as the battle to test their armour would be, it would be even more enticing to see two men of such stature working together to create a better world.

So although it is disappointing that we may never get to see a fictional king and a mythological half-god meet in battle, we need not restrict ourselves from imagining the outcome of what may just be a very stimulating fight.

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